What's in it for a distributor?

We have built the Africa’s 1st Merchant App where Teleeza Reward Ads users can redeem eVouchers. The merchant will simply scan the customised QR code displayed on the Teleeza Reward Ads, for a specific Ad, and the Teleeza user with be automatically rewarded with the equivalent value on the eVoucher.

The merchant will, in return, have the value INSTANTLY credited to their mobile wallet, paybill or till. However, for paybills and tills, these will need to be registered with the telco and whitelisted for B2B transactions. Teleeza will assist with this process.

A merchant will be able to track the history of all transactions for rewards redeemed using their Merchant App. The history can be downloaded into an excel, pdf file.

When a Teleeza user presents an eVoucher that has already been redeemed or has expired, the Merchant App will automatically reject it.


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