General FAQs

Teleeza is Africa's 1st mobile All-in-One Lockscreen App powered by AI&ML driven Aggregated Curated Content, Partnerships, mobile money wallets and Advertising

This is Teleeza's consumer driven offering beyond news and content. Teleeza World is a vibrant market place that offers affordable healthcare through the Jiinue Package, multiple mobile money wallets, Inspiration, Shopping & Deals, Keja Shuleni, Blogs & Podcasts, Gaming & Betting, Celebrating Life, Government Services and Charities.

The Teleeza Jiinue Package offers daily services on a single platform e.g affordable healthcare through Daktari Mkononi and Bima for ONLY Kshs 349 monthly and Kshs 300 for each additional family member, Kokotoa Biashara where you can save up to 30% on mobile money transaction fees and 5% on airtime and data purchases as well as many other services.

The smartphone is now the first screen. The Teleeza All-In-One Lockscreen App reduces the friction brought about by numerous applications by organising daily use services on a single platform.

Access all your mobile money wallets in one place i.e M-Pesa, Vooma, Tkash, PesaPal, PayPal, Airtel Money etc.

Teleeza offers optimal ROAS for the advertiser. Our intuitive Teleeza Ad Manager(TAM) enable advertisers to remotely create their campaigns and have access to a dashboard with value adding data and analytics. We have demographics of our users and can target and re-target with ease.

Get most of your daily services in one place!
We have aggregated services that users need on a daily basis on a single platform including but not limited to, the Jiinue Package, Refer & Earn, Blogs & Podcasts, Inspirational Messages, Gospel & Book Centre, Auction Centre, Job Centre, Government services, Celebration of Life and much more

Once you complete creating an account on Teleeza, you will have access to your unique referral link and code. By referring your friends and family to the Jiinue Package, using your personal Teleeza referral link and code, and they download the app and they pay Kshs 349 for the monthly charge, you are instantly paid Kshs 50 INSTANTLY into your M-Pesa wallet.

The Teleeza app has been built with the user in mind and does not in any way drain your battery unnecessarily.

Yes. By using the Share Stories icon, you can share the story link on WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Gmail, social media etc.

Customer happiness is one of our ethos and we have built Teleeza not to consume the phone's memory and storage unnecessarily.

The Teleeza app is Simple, Convenient and Innovative and can be used for FREE without being required to provide any of your personal details.
However, should you wish to access the Jiinue Package, then there is some minimal information that you will be required to provide.

Jiinue Package @ Ksh 349 monthly for Principal Member and Ksh 300 for each additional family member includes:

Daktari Mkononi

  • Real time doctor consultation on the app and on SMS to short code 23855


  • Consolidated annual benefit of Kshs 115k @Kshs 349 for primary member and can add additional family members (spouse, children ages 1month to 18 years, parents up to 75 years) @Kshs 300 each for the same benefit of Kshs 115k annually. The annual benefits are:
  • a) Kshs 30k HosiCash In-Patient REIMBURSEMENT cover @Kshs 1k per night from the 3rd night of hospitalisation.
  • b) Kshs 30 accidental REIMBURSEMENT cover
  • c) Kshs 50k life/funeral PAYOUT cover
  • d) Kshs 5k Out-Patient REIMBURSEMENT cover
  • Cover is valid and accepted in all the 13k NHIF/MOH accredited hospitals countrywide. Reimbursements will be paid to the Primary Member and NOT the hospital or health facility.

Kokotoa Biashara

  • Track income and expenses, save up to 30% on mobile money transaction fees, up to 5% discount on airtime and data bundles.

Get Cashback at supermarkets

  • Coming soon.

Ongezewa Kila Siku

  • Ethical lending, coming soon’

Malipo Pole Pole

  • Buy Now Pay Later, coming soon

My Wallets

  • Access all your mobile money wallets in one place.

At Teleeza, we are committed to working with and building businesses and your brands. Teleeza delivers maximum brand value to all our advertisers. Our must see Lockscreen increases advertiser visibility by xxx versus other media. Through our second screen page, the Mini-Site, advertisers can customise relevant information about their brands at no extra cost. The Teleeza Ad Manager(TAM) enables you to book your campaigns remotely and in comfort, without necessarily having to contact our Customer Happiness Desk.

Yes, on Teleeza you can bookmark a story and read later.

Teleeza is a deeply consumer centric organization. Our Lockscreen DOES NOT in any way affect the normal working of your phone. You can continue to make your normal phone calls, SMS, and save photos of your loved ones on your screen as you normally do. By swiping up, you will unlock and use their phone normally. You can also use the Read Story or More News button to access more details.

Bima FAQs

Turaco, trading as Ellard Insurance Agency Limited is Teleeza’s valued partner, administering and distributing Bima on the Teleeza All-In-One Lockscreen App and APA Insurance (Kenya) Limited is the underwriter.

The product does not pay your hospital bills - rather it provides a reimbursement benefit amount to you, to offset costs and protect you from financial shock associated with loss of income.

Any registered Teleeza user, resident in Kenya, aged 18 years to 75 years and has an active Jiinue Package subscription. A Principal Member, aged between 18 years and 75 years, can add the following additional family members to their Bima policy:
  • Biological child – Ages 1 month to 18 years
  • Legally adopted child – Ages 1 month to 18 years
  • Spouse – Ages 18 years to 75 years
  • Parent - Ages 18 years to 75 years

Bima does not pay your hospital bills , rather it provides you with a consolidated benefit of Ksh 115,000 per year.

The Bima Insurance Cover consists of :
  • Kshs 30,000 yearly benefit hospital cash reimbursement cover
  • Kshs 30,000 yearly benefit accident medical expense reimbursement (AMER) cover
  • Kshs 50,000 payout Life/Funeral cover
  • Kshs 5,000 yearly benefit outpatient medical expense reimbursement

You can seek treatment at any of the 13,000+ Ministry of Health (MOH) accredited hospital. The list is available on the app and on our website.

Upon successful registration to Bima, you will receive a confirmation in-app notification and SMS from Teleeza as well as a welcome SMS and call from Turaco.

For example, you pay for the Principal Member and maybe additional family members in the course of the month, Teleeza will automatically submit your details to Turaco immediately and a policy number will be assigned. However, your cover will be active from the 1st of the following month.

You will receive a call and SMS if your insurance is about to expire at least 5 days prior. You can call Turaco on +254 711 082 455 or Teleeza on +254706122122/+254714627627to confirm if your cover is still active. The expiry date of your policy and cover are both displayed on the Bima home pagee.

To claim , complete the claim form on the Teleeza App as well as call/WhatsApp Turaco on 0725 525 561 as soon as the incident occurs, and an agent will assist you with the necessary documentation.

Turaco pays all claims within 3 business days of receiving full documentation.

The money will be sent to your MPESA or Airtel Money account.

You can claim as many times as possible up to the maximum benefit amounts in a policy year i.e Kshs 30,000 for HosiCash, Kshs 30,000 for accidental cover, Kshs 50,000 payout for life/funeral and Kshs 5,000 for outpatient. These are all reimbursement and payout covers so the claim is made by the Principal Member and the payment is made to the ,mobile money number provided at the time of creating a Teleeza account.

As soon as possible! Claims must be reported within a maximum of one (1) week after the occurrence of the claim event.

Yes ,you can by using subscribe and filling out the details of the additional family members and make payment. The additional family members will be added to the Principal Member's policy. Only the Principal Member can make a claim. Additional family members can only be added to the cover with effect from the start of the following month.

Daktari Mkononi FAQs

Daktari Mkononi is one of the products under the Teleeza Jiinue Package available via the Teleeza World. You can access an online doctor through a WhatsApp like chat window and have real time first level consultation with a qualified doctor. The service is offered in partnership with the award winning Zuri Health. The doctors are online 9am to 5pm daily at the moment but we are looking to extend those times to a 24 hour service. The service is also available via SMS to short code 23855. Soon, the service will be available via a WhatsApp chat bot and USSD.

The service is FREE once you have subscribed to the Teleeza Jiinue Package by paying Kshs 349 per month and Kshs 300 for each additional family member. The service is also available to the additional family members. It is also possible to pay quarterly, half yearly and yearly at discounts of 5%, 7.5% and 10% respectively.

The online doctors have committed to providing a response within 5 minutes.

Kokotoa Biashara

Kokotoa Biashara is one of the products under the Teleeza Jiinue Package available via the Teleeza World. A user is able to track ALL their income and expenses in one place and always have a view of their financial health and wellbeing.

You will be able to ALLOW the upload the historical Mpesa transactions onto Kokotoa Biashara and subsequently, all the transactions on Mpesa will be automatically recorded on Kokotoa Biashara. You can then add transactions from all other sources e.g bank, cash, Airtel Money, TKash so that you have a holistic view of all your transactions. Soon, you will be able to budget, save, invest, borrow from history built by using Kokotoa Biashara.

Kokotoa Biashara allows you to send money, make payments, buy airtime and mobile data. You save up to 30% on Mpesa transaction fees when you send money using Kokotoa Biashara. You save up to 5% when you buy airtime and mobile data.

Blogs & Podcasts

Blogs & Podcasts are accessible via Teleeza World under the Content sub-section. Click on Blogs and Podcasts icons to access more content.

The blogs are automatically uploaded using scrapping, RSS fees and APIs. For Podcasts, it is possible to upload your content via the Teleeza All-In-One App, go to Podcasts on Teleeza World and click on + to add audio or video podcasts. The content will then be approved and it will be published within a few minutes.

Merchant App

The App is available to download from the Google Playstore. The IOS app will be coming soon.

Teleeza has built the 1st Reward Ads platform in Africa where a user gets rewarded in cash, eVouchers, airtime and mobile data. The eVouchers are redeemed by having the custom QR code displayed on the Teleeza consumer app scanned using the Merchant App.

Once you have scanned the QR code on the eVoucher, the equivalent value will automatically and instantly be credited to the merchant’s mobile wallet.

We work with all categories of merchants e.g supermarkets, kiosks, retail shops, wholesale shops, bar, photo studios, hardware shops, restaurants, eCommerce sites, betting sites etc

Customers Are At The Focal Point Of Everything We Do